A New Kind of Verkspace: Meet Toronto’s coolest new co-working space

The way we work has changed; collaboration is the new commerce. Our generation has embraced the fundamental philosophies of working, succeeding and learning together, and nowhere is this more evident than in the shared workspaces across the city. Peer into any of them and you’ll find lawyers, marketers, journalists, coders and entrepreneurs of all stripes working side-by-side, sharing experience and knowledge.

People thrive in shared workspaces because they tend to see their work as being more meaningful, they feel they have more control over when and how they work and they feel part of a larger community. It’s our generation’s way of working, and it’s fantastic to have your career path is no longer decided by others, but instead is now what you make of it.

With that being said, not every workspace is created equally. Many shared workspaces are actually just a series of doored offices, which, while great for some, robs members of the true collaborative power of working alongside others. That’s why we created Verkspace: a Scandinavian take on work, life and leisure that is truly different from the other co-working spaces currently found in Toronto.


Community Drives Our Creativity

Friends and business partners for years, my co-founder and I actually come from very different professional backgrounds – Logan worked as a chef before entering hospitality management consulting. I’ve worked from home since I was 16, tinkering in web development and over the years, building a business that helps creative agencies execute digital projects.

However, we both reached the point in our careers where we wanted to incorporate a community experience into our enterprises. But every workspace we looked at was missing something, so we decided to take the benefits of all of them and combine them in Verkspace.


Scandinavian by Design

We’ve both travelled Scandinavia many times, and each time we’re there, we are struck by how people seem to just get it. The work life-balance is evident and the benefits are everywhere.

Sweden, for example, is seeing more employers adopting a maximum 6-hour workday. This leaves employees with more time to focus on themselves, and productivity at work has increased.

From local Scandinavian-inspired accents, to furniture and fixtures imported from Iceland and Norway, we’ve also adopted Scandinavian design principles into the space. Clean lines and warm wood finishes are found throughout, but we’ve also incorporated environmentally friendly practices: from paper usage to cleaning products to waste diversion, we strive to make this a space our members can be proud of. We’re also in the midst of partnering with an organization that will plant trees to offset our carbon footprint.


Simply put: when people feel well cared for, they work better.

This embodies our creative direction for what you’ll find at Verkspace. Our mission is to create a place that helps increase the productivity of our members. For this reason, we offer an array of services– both professional and community-based– to help everyone achieve their goals.
The Benefits of Collaboration

We actually encourage a true cooperative environment by offering more communal spaces than private offices, although those are available. When we were planning the design and execution of Verkspace, we asked ourselves: what level of service would a boutique hotel provide? That’s what we strive for and that’s what we offer.

With over 9,000 square feet of desk space, including 40 workstations and a beautifully appointed modern boardroom, Verkspace is four floors of thoughtfully designed, functional space. As a member you’ll also enjoy a dedicated desk team to greet your clients, 24-hour access (so you can truly create your own schedule), coffee, tea and beverage services, and access to the space’s online collective network and member events.

If Verkspace sounds like the kind of place where you’d like to watch your projects, ideas and potential grow, book a tour and come check us out.


Toronto’s newest downtown eastside co-working space, located in Old Town, combines top-quality furnishings, big bright windows and a distinctively Scandinavian-influenced design. From the Icelandic word “verk,” meaning labour, business, work and job, Verkspace is a place to get work done and forge connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. Collective memberships begin at $95/month and hot desk memberships are $250/month. Dedicated desks, offices and boardroom rentals are also available.



About the Author

Edward Wensing is a co-founder at Verkspace, one of the newest coworking spaces on the Downtown Toronto Eastside. Being raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Edward naturally started his own web development business at the age of 16. Since then, his self started lifestyle has allowed him the freedom to travel, eat, drink and explore the world.

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