Business Travel: When it makes sense to use a private jet

There are many reasons to use private jets in business but one is the biggest selling point of them all: time. When time literally equates to money, and hours wasted can translate to thousands, or millions, lost – the use becomes a matter of fact.

In the business world, time saving is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. You’re able to arrive minutes before your scheduled flight, avoid overnight stays, security, and layovers. All of this can provide significant savings in both productive time and in dollars significantly increasing productivity.

Private jets also open destination locations. For example, there are over 5,000 airports in the US that private planes can use vs 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft. For those who deal with clients in exotic locations that require special belongings not allowed on commercial aircrafts, this is crucial.

The great thing is that you do not need to own an aircraft in order to take advantage of private jet travel’s flexibility and many benefits. Take a leading vendor in the industry – Business Aviation Concepts – company that makes private jet travel accessible. We caught up with their founder, Ivan Vanderhyden, to learn more about BAC.

How did Business Aviation Concepts start?

The company was founded in 2010, as a bespoke advisory firm catering to CEO’s, executives and ultra high net worth individuals looking very closely at their business aviation requirements both for their immediate and long term planning purposes. With my career as both a captain and at a director level serving high and ultra high net worth clientele regularly, I identified numerous occasions over the years where the client’s best interests were not always put first by the associates they were working closely with. This really bothered me because the consequence of this in both time and financial penalties to the VIP client were quite substantial. From these experiences, combined with my career experience and proficiency in VIP aviation, Business Aviation Concepts was born.


What makes BAC different in the market?

What makes us different in the market is that at our core, BAC is not an aircraft brokerage firm, meaning that, our job is not to “sell” you anything. On the contrary, in remaining steadfast with our founding principles of Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility, our objective is to utilize our extensive business aviation experience and proficiency to help ensure that you as a VIP client get what it is exactly that you are looking for with the utmost highest levels of flight safety, efficiency and fiscal responsibility being top priority.

Ivan Vanderhyden, Executive Director, Business Aviation Concepts

Ivan Vanderhyden, Executive Director, Business Aviation Concepts

What service options are available through BAC and how do they compare?

Our corporate divisions fall into 3 main categories, which are: Sourcing and Acquisitions, Project Management and Aircraft Completions Management. In essence, BAC was developed as a full service advisory firm. Meaning that, if you as a client were perhaps investigating the acquisition of a business aircraft but were not sure what steps were necessary on such a large expenditure, this is where the company shows its true value for money.

Beginning with initial meetings to review your current and future business travel commitments as well as personal desires and expectations from a business aircraft, we then create an in depth aircraft feasibility study, which is submitted to your executive team for further review. Upon a final decision being made, we work on your behalf with full confidentiality through our extensive network, to source aircrafts which exceed the necessary levels of flight safety and maintenance history milestones being met. We then continue to assist with the many necessary steps including an initial Offer to Purchase, pre purchase inspections and the actual Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

Upon successful closing of the transaction, we then move onto the Project Management phase, which includes aircraft management company contractual support, aircraft insurance market research, airworthiness and registration assistance, international regulatory compliance and then if required, crewing compliment assistance if required, is provided. Our goal is to ensure that from day one, your aircraft is fully ready to fly with no delays being imposed upon your busy schedule.

Aircraft Completions Management is the overall interior design and exterior paint of your aircraft, either if brand new from the manufacturer or being acquired from the pre owned marketplace. BAC works with you and the assigned completion center to ensure that all directives and milestones as far as interior materials selection, building processes, installation and functionality are all met. Upon completion, we are on board during the flight testing phase to ensure that no abnormalities occur as well with your aircrafts interior components. The aircraft is then fully completed and upon all legal and financial objectives being met, your aircraft is now ready to be delivered to you.

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

What has attributed to company’s success thus far?

A sheer passion for private aviation is by far our biggest attribute to this point. Because private aviation is such a dynamic industry, which is so client focused oriented, while at the same time having the opportunity to work with so many true professionals as well as having the unique task of dealing with the absolute latest state of the art technology and performance. In addition to the beauty and elegance of private business jets, this environment creates an energy, which is highly passionate. When you combine the experience and proficiency which you gain throughout your career with the ability to provide a service which is completely client focused is a very satisfying feeling which is portrayed to our clients in the passion by which we serve them.
Who are the ideal clients for private aviation?

The true value of private aviation can be encapsulated into one word.. Time. With that, the ideal clients for private aviation primarily are those who’s time carries a high monetary value. This would apply to CEO’s, executives, high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals as well as government heads of state. Consistently, CFO’s globally continue to identify that the value of time savings for CEO’s and executives traveling by private aircraft is a minimum 35%, and by far the number one factor which makes private aviation such a core business tool. Flying on a private aircraft allows for more productivity including on board business meetings, and in addition, the convenience and flexibility of scheduling as well as the security of both person and intellectual property make private aviation an essential part of a corporations long term development.


What is your take on engaging a service such as BAC vs owning your own jet? 

I believe when engaging with Business Aviation Concepts, that a VIP client can maximize their value for money when it comes to private aviation, because our objective is to streamline not only the process of sourcing and acquiring a business aircraft from conception to final delivery with you, but also to provide guidance with all of the legal and operational requirements of flying your aircraft including the aircraft management company due diligence phase, airworthiness and registration, insurance, crewing, 3rd party support contracts which provide an economy of scale savings which over the years of ownership, do add up to a significant amount to name a few. Our relationship with our clients is definitely for the long term and is taken with a view of a partnership, with BAC remaining faithfully by your side not only during the initial stages of sourcing but also by your side through the years of ownership up until the time comes for the next stage which may include upgrading your current aircraft through refurbishment or making the decision to sell your current aircraft and acquire a newer aircraft as your corporation grows.

Bombardier Challenger CL650

Bombardier Challenger CL650

How can one get started with engaging a service such as BAC?

Aviation as we know, is a global industry which brings all four corners of our world together. As a very proud Canadian, originally from Toronto, I completed all of my initial pilot training here in Canada and then settled in Montreal with Bombardier Inc. Focusing fully on the business aviation industry, I fully immersed myself with learning as much as possible about flying as a professional pilot on a modern jet aircraft, as well as the business aviation industry itself. From there, I relocated to Europe before settling in Dubai to continue my career trajectory. With that, BAC has its headquarters in Dubai, however the company works with clients globally and any private aviation project, regardless of location or requirements can be closely examined.


To learn more, visit or reach out to Ivan directly via email at for any further information.


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