Dubai’s Tryp by Wyndham mixes luxury and business travel for ‘digital nomads’

Business travel in the 21st Century is no longer simply the traveler on an expense account.  The world is full of ‘digital nomads,’ that are seeking not only a private and full-service remote office, but also the magic of collaboration—“accelerated serendipity.”

NEST Co-working, a groundbreaking shared workspace concept will open its doors in Dubai at the beginning of November.  Located in the new TRYP by Wyndham Dubai, NEST represents one of the world’s first full-service co-working spaces integrated with a major internationally branded hotel. The vision for NEST is to become Dubai’s most innovative, creative and entrepreneurial community under one roof, acting as a catalyst for new ideas, beginnings and connections.

While there are co-working spaces currently existing in hotels across the world, most resemble more of an executive lounge, rather than a full-service co-working space that includes meeting space, work areas, food and beverage selections and more.  NEST offers something different with a membership structure that offers access to a range of benefits including an inspirational series of programming and events, founded around the core pillars of Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Workplace Wellness, (known as ICEW).  NEST is more than a typical hotel “Executive Lounge” or “Business Center.” It’s more than just a meeting room with outlets and WiFi. It’s an innovative blend of the hospitality and amenities of a hotel with the curated community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses you’d expect to find in an actively managed co-working space.  Hotel guests have to option to purchase the package at the co-working space during their stay.

NEST Co-working space is the vision of The First Group, the award-winning international hotel & property development company, who have an innovative and disruptive approach to real estate development in Dubai, in partnership with TRYP by Wyndham Dubai.  These organizations have hired Chicago-based co-working consulting firm Agora RDM, led by Mike LaRosa and Tiffanie Mark in the working design of NEST including pricing models, membership packages, “Rest and Nest,” a program which combines hotel rooms and co-working passes for the corporate/work traveler, building amenity packages, incorporating perks for members like free room nights and Wyndham Rewards points, partnerships and sponsorships and event strategies, as well as internal business actions such as staffing, training, etc.  Agora RDM was brought in to educate and inform on the trends of the co-working space build-out and usage; to share their experience and knowledge of how existing co-working space members interact with their space, and to advocate for industry specifics such as additional phone booths, pricing models, integrating award points with access to hotel amenities. They have written the job descriptions, provided software solutions and outlined operation manuals, as well as executed and managed the international headhunting efforts for the curator.  Agora RDM has partnered with Coworkaholic to produce the grand opening week and launch event (October 29-November 4, 2017), curating a VIP list of influencers, digital nomads, leaders in the co-working industry as well as successful entrepreneurs and investors.
“Almost every hotel out there has a “Business Center” but they are never used and are often in corners or hidden in whatever leftover space there was in the property.” says Mike LaRosa, a founding partner of Agora RDM.  “People don’t necessarily want a closet with an old, public PC.  People also aren’t inspired or motivated by sitting at a desk in their hotel room”

By allowing access to some of the region’s most inspirational speakers, NEST is committed to catering to the needs start-ups in a way that is both ideas-led and practical. Through its programming, NEST plans to make an important contribution to the regional entrepreneurship scene.  Members can enjoy free valet parking, F&B offerings, pool and gym access and more to develop and support mind, body and soul. NEST provides its members and guests of the hotel the space they need to hatch great ideas while offering the room they need to soar. NEST will also welcome walk-in guests and extend its services to area visitors or infrequent users. Open-minded flexibility is at the heart of its mission.

“I’m really excited about what this means for the future of co-working,” Mark says. “The industry has had a brilliant evolution, and up ‘til now that’s been primarily focused on how users interact with and within a co-working space.  I think what we’re doing here is pioneering the next level exploration of how co-working can be integrated within existing businesses models to not only maximize revenue but further support both the company mission and the local community, and to revolutionize the business travel experience.”

According to a recent Deskmag survey, 71% of co-working members collaborated with each other with 27% actually contracting work.  “The real magic that will be the success story of NEST is a local community of entrepreneurs and creative class having the ability to connect, collaborate and ‘collide’ with those who are traveling to Dubai for work or traveling through and need some space while on a layover,” LaRosa says.

NEST offers a wide range of membership packages starting from AED 99 for the ‘Fly’ Day Pass.

The first 25 members will be ‘founding members’ of NEST with a 25% membership discount.

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