Fashion Spotlight: Why We Still Love Our Levi’s

Wardrobe essentials may vary from person to person depending on their taste and personal style, but one of the items that you simply cannot argue with is the perfect pair of jeans. From American Eagle Outfitters to True Religion, almost every apparel brand in existence has created a line of denim apparel to help us in our search for crisp blue jeans. While the pants from H&M and Forever21 have succumbed to the wear-and-tear that we dread in jeans, there are host of other brands that we can rely on for denim that will last us a lifetime. In a list that showed us the top brands for jeans, fan favourites ranged from the designer like Armani to the affordable like Wrangler, from general clothing labels to jean companies that branched into other apparel.

As the fashion editors that compiled the Lyst denim collection indicate, jeans have come along way from the original straight-leg style, manifesting in all kinds of silhouettes, cuts and washes. Yet, if there was one brand that we could always count on to give us the shape, style and longevity that we often look for in a pair of denim pants, it’s Levi Strauss.

The company that made everyone fall in love with blue jeans, Levi (born Loeb) Strauss started out with a wholesale dry goods business that imported clothing and fabric to small stores all over California, until one day tailor and regular customer Jacob Davis from Reno, Nevada approached him for a special project. With sturdy work pants in mind, Strauss and Davis together fashioned the metal rivet fastening on pockets on what was then referred to as “waist overalls,” later receiving the patent in 1873 for “Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings,” the very foundation of the beloved blue jean.

The original button fly jean, renamed from “XX” to 501 in 1890, may not have been popular a few years back as skinnies became the silhouette that every women and some men obsessed over, it’s clear that the iconic straight-leg style is a force to be reckoned with. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, and every style-minded person out there have been ditching skinny jeans for baggier shapes. The writers of Vogue explain that these denim-ish imposters “fed our weakest desires for a teenage sort of comfort and provided the illusion of a lean figure, instantly.” They provided a temporary fix to our body insecurities, but as the fashion industry evolves to include comfort in clothing and accessories, we’re reminded that the loose fit of classic Levi’s is something we always can look and feel good in. Blue jeans that stand the test of time, what more could you want?

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