Must Attend: The Gentlemen’s Expo Toronto

“The Gentlemen’s Expo is a celebration of all things that encompass a true gentleman and quite possibly the best weekend ever …but we might be biased.

The event website reads bold and proud.

The Gentlemen’s Expo is coming up in Toronto September 25-27. Despite the name, this event is not only exclusive to men. Shining light on the latest and the greatest in fashion, tech, music, sports, cars, alcohol, food, entrepreneurship appealing to those with a finer taste.

We had a chance to catch up with one of the event organizers Settimio Coscarella to tell us more about the event and what we can expect this year.

Gentlemen's Expo

How would you describe Gentlemen’s Expo to someone who has never attended previously?

The easiest way to describe The Gentlemen’s Expo is to take your favourite Men’s Magazine and bring it to life. We cover a wide variety of categories from beverage alcohol and food to grooming and fashion to sports and technology and everything in between.

Imagine being able to connect with your favourite brands in a live setting. Now imagine what it could be like if those same brands create an immersive environment that is fun and interactive. That is exactly what we try to create at The Gentlemen’s Expo. We also try to mix things up, by having a number of great seminars throughout the weekend and a few performances which are sure to entertain the crowd.

What can we expect from the show this year?

This year, The Gentlemen’s Expo has expanded it’s show floor to 130,000 square-feet which means we’re going to have more interesting and fun content than we’ve ever had before. Below is a list of guest and attractions that people can expect to see at the event this year:

*Special Guests: *

DMC of Run DMC (Musical act)
Young Empires (Musical act)
The Luke Austin Band (Musical act)
Marcus Stroman (Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher)
Gregg Zaun (Sportsnet Baseball Analyst and host of TGE on Friday Sept. 25)
Ken Reid (Sportsnet Anchor and host of TGE on Saturday, Sept. 26)
Chris Jones (America’s Got Talent)
Nicki Laborie (Founder and Editor of View The Vibe and Sex in The 6)
Roger Mittag (Thirst For Knowledge Inc.)
Dr. Jess O’Rielly (Sexologist)
Paul Tobey (Founder & CEO of Training Business Pros, Author & Trainer)
Damon Snider (Dude Living Refined – Toronto Designer)
Aviva Reimer (Relationship Expert, Certified Matchmaker and Co-Founder of
Perfect Fit Millionaire Introductions)
Rob Rainford (Celebrity Chef)
Frankie Solarik (Mixologist from Bar Chef)
Ruth Tal (Founder of Fresh Restaurants & Juice Bars)
Frank Caputo (Hank Daddy’s BBQ Pitmaster)
Mike Rebelo (Chef at Trattoria Bacio)
Sylvan Bouchard (Beer Sommelier)

*Other Attractions: *

*Craft Beer, Spirits, Wine, and Cocktails* – The Gentlemen’s Expo will feature over 80 different beers, spirits and cocktails throughout the weekend

*KPMG Enterprise Start Me Up Area* – Curated by MaRS Discovery District, this area will highlight local start up businesses. The top 4 will have a chance to pitch live on Sunday to a judging panel of top executives.

*Gentlemen’s Guide Classroom* – Educational area for attendees that want to know more about beer, spirits, wine, suiting, dating and a whole lot more.

*Cooking Stage* – Will feature demonstrations from various chefs who work at some of Toronto’s most popular restaurants. Restaurants include The Good Son, Khao San Road, Holy Chuck, Poutini’s House of Poutine, The Ace, Hank Daddy’s BBQ, Fresh Restaurants, Trattoria Bacio and much more!

*Sportsnet Central Lounge* – Attendees can take a load off and watch all the weekend sports games live at the show, play pool, snooker, foosball and pingpong and enjoy a refreshing beverage courtesy of Mill Street Brewing Company.

*Sleeman Speakeasy* – The Sleeman Speakeasy – An unforgettable party at an undisclosed location. Filled with pretty girls, live music, and unexpected surprises – what happens here stays here. Get a glimpse into the Sleeman Speakeasy at the Gentlemen’s Expo this year. Only the Notorious Get In.

*The Gentlemen’s Casino* – Attendees will be able to hone their card playing skills for a chance to win an unbelievable Las Vegas prize back (Includes flight, hotel, shooting range, Cirque show, driving experience, helicopter tour and some spending cash) Play poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and a whole lot more

*Sports Simulators -* (Includes PUMA Soccer Simulator, Tennis Canada Smash Court and many more)

*Made In The G.T.A Area* – Featuring local businesses and entrepreneurs within the G.T.A

*365 Sports Presents The Base Jump* – Attendees will be able to jump off a 30ft scaffold into an inflatable bag if they are feeling adventurous

*Archery Tag* – Attendees can face their friends in the ultimate bows and arrows match. The game is played with teams of 5 and is similar to paintball, but instead you have to tag your friends with your bow’s padded arrow. Victors will be congratulated and losers will be shunned… Up for the challenge?

*Sneaker Exhibit and Retail Area* – Attendees will be able to purchase items from Toronto’s best sneaker collectors

What vendors are must visit at the show?
Sleeman Speakeasy
*Spectre (007) Lounge Presented by *Belvedere Vodka
New Era
Clinque For Men
Kings Crown
Sportsnet Central
Shock Top
KPMG Start Me Up Curated by MaRS Discovery
Made In The GTA

Gentlemen's Expo TOronto

 Who is a typical show attendee?

Our main target is men and women between 25 and 45 who are interested in having a great time, while learning about what makes up a modern gentleman. Our attendees are entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives and anyone else who wants to learn more about the hottest trends for men. Our attendees are people who are looking to educate themselves on things like food and alcohol culture, business, fashion, technology, sports, pop culture and even men’s grooming. Overall, they are people looking to experience an event that is different and entertaining.


See you next weekend.

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