Premium Coffee Rules: No Cream or Sugar

Coffee is more than just the caffeine jolt you get in the morning. It offers you a smooth and complex taste and a wide range of flavours from around the world. Your coffee of choice is also about your personal style. After all, your Frappuccino drinking friend is likely quite different than you if you’re a black coffee drinker. Regardless of your coffee of choice, if part of your personal style is quality, you should make sure you’re cup of coffee is a premium one to get your day started right.


Premium coffee starts with the beans. These beans are planted at the start of the growing season in the right climate, which is 18-21 degree Celsius with adequate sun and rain. The beans must then be harvested at just the right time, which is the start of the dry season. The beans then move on to being stored for 30 – 60 days to dry out before being shipped to their final destination, your local coffee shop, grocery store, or local roaster. Unfortunately, many of the available coffees today do not follow this process. Many are harvested before the dry season starts and are not given the adequate drying time before being shipped to their final destination, leaving you with a cup of coffee that is less than fantastic.

Now, what if you don’t like the taste of coffee and already add sugar or cream to it to mask its taste, will you notice a difference in a premium cup of coffee? By the fact that you don’t like the taste of pure black coffee already, we think you will. Premium coffee should be so bountiful full of flavours you wouldn’t dare add cream or sugar to it and chances are you just haven’t had a cup of premium coffee to date, which is why you feel the need to add sweeteners to it.

Unlike an inexpensive bag of non-premium or artificially flavoured coffee made to taste like gingerbread or candy corn, premium coffee gives you natural taste right from the beans, and these tastes can be exhilarating. From fruity ripe notes, to caramel and spices notes, coffee really is a world of flavours. And if you’re looking for a local premium coffee, check out The Black Coffee Co. They deliver premium coffee right to your door every month or if you really like coffee, every week. You’ll even get a coffee from a different region every month so you can discover all the premium tastes of coffee each coffee region has to offer.

If you do usually drink your coffee with cream and sugar, try a premium black coffee. You’ll notice the flavours of it far more, and save yourself a few calories along the way. If you are already a black coffee drinker, you really should try a premium coffee for you morning Joe if you aren’t already. It will change the way you start your day and will raise your overall appreciate for coffee.

Premium coffee is for people that love coffee. If that sounds like you, check out the premium coffee The Black Coffee Co. 

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