Rules to live by from Veuve Clicquot’s former CEO

There’s just something about the French and their style. One of the most fascinating women in the business world is Mireille Guiliano, best selling author and former president/CEO of Champagne Veuve Clicquot.

Mireille is one of the few women who have reached the top echelon of the wine and spirits as well as luxury goods industry, and has been called a champion of women in business. She works with groups promoting business opportunities and education for women and credited with growing Champagne Veuve Clicquot’s top image. Mireille strategy and business sense helped Veuve Clicquot’s market share in America grew from less than one percent to more than 25 percent. How impressive.

Photo by Andrew French

Photo by Andrew French

Mireille has written books around her experiences giving tips through lively stories and helpful hints, she gives women (and a few men) the practical advice they need to make the most of work without skimping on all the other good things in life.  A sought-after guest on radio and television in the USA and abroad, Mireille has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, CBS’ The Early Show, NBC’s Dateline, and CNN.

Mireille’s schedule is a busy one which is why we were extremely thankful when she shared her words of wisdom and outlook on life with Affluence Avenue. Here are 3 words to live by from Mireille…. pay close attention.

Three rules……

For well-being
Know thyself
You are what you eat

For a marvellous dinner
People you love
Simple food
Great conversation

Beauty tips
Comes from within
In the eye of the beholder
Smiling makes one beautiful

Style tips
Cultivate your own
Timeless clothes go a long way
Change with phases/stages of life

For enjoying life
Give (and you shall receive)
Stay healthy (as much as you can control)

Words to live by

To learn more about Mirielle, visit her website and take a browse through her books!


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