Top tips for avoiding travel fatigue

When it comes to long-haul travel, opting for Business or First Class truly does make all the difference. But while you are guaranteed a little something extra (whether that means access to an airport lounge, greater food choice or just some always-coveted leg room), it can still be hard to land feeling truly relaxed and ready to go.

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When it comes to long-haul travel, no one knows more about maximizing your time in the air than a cabin crew member. To help upgrade your next long-haul adventure, we’ve gathered some tips from the always elegant Emirates team for staying fresh in the sky – so you can hit the ground running.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to keep skin hydrated from the inside and out. Remember to drink lots of water and avoid food and beverages that may dehydrate the skin while flying. “Many of the Emirates Cabin Crew use a hydrating spray during flights,” explains Christiana Marzec, Cabin Supervisor for Emirates. “These products can be applied over make-up and give skin an instant boost of freshness.”


Freshen up

There’s nothing quite like a rejuvenating shower to leave you feeling inspired. Luckily, Emirates First Class passengers can take advantage of the fully functioning showers onboard the airline’s flagship A380. Featuring a selection of Bvlgari toiletries and followed by a detoxifying fresh juice, enjoying these onboard shower spas is the perfect way to get the boost you need to take on the day ahead.


Get cozy

Getting comfortable while you fly is an important part of getting the rest you need to avoid jetlag when you land. Bring along your coziest cashmere, adjust your seat setting to properly support your head and neck and use your privacy hood to create a more secluded, relaxing space. Bring your favourite book, or relax your mind with some soothing music. In addition to a great movie selection, Emirates’ award-winning ice entertainment system also comes fully stocked with a selection of podcasts, radio and music – all on demand and available in multiple languages.

“At the end of the day, the best way to avoid travel fatigue is to choose an airline that anticipates your needs and puts comfort first,” says Marzec. “The Emirates cabins are designed to make your journey restful and relaxing, so your vacation begins the moment you set foot in the plane.”

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