Want your own luxury lifestyle concierge service? Lux & Lumen can help.

Based out of Toronto, Lux & Lumen is Canada’s leading secretive private members club that offers its members luxury lifestyle management.


Fine dining, events, networking, travel, nightlife, hotels, gyms, limos – you name it. Lux & Lumen has aligned itself with some of Toronto’s most desirable partners and organizations in the city for the  high living aficionados.

For $1 750, you can enjoy unparalleled, 24 hrs/day 7 days/week dedicated Lux & Lumen style luxury. But there’s a catch – not everyone can instantly join. If you’re interested in the membership, you must fill out a questionnaire and see if you qualify. Not only does your birth date, company, title, salary and industry all play a role but the club only lets a limited number of members each month to ensure that their  attention to each member is optimum.

Started by Ryan Alexander Emond, Lux & Lumen promises freedom for the busy professionals who still want to enjoy the finer things in life.

We had a chance to talk to Ryan about how the service was started, its benefits and partners. We even tried to get insight into the club’s member roster (it’s worth a shot, right?)


1. How did the idea for Lux & Lumen come about and what is the meaning behind the name?

After completing my degree at the University of Ottawa, I was fortunate enough to move down to sunny Miami. Originally, my intention was to attend law school after returning from South Beach; however, while in Miami I was exposed to a brand new world and level of hospitality and luxury – one I had never seen in Toronto and certainly not in Ottawa. There were hidden groups and organizations that looked after and cared for collective bodies of individuals who wanted the best that life had to offer. I befriended many individuals within this world and once I experienced it first-hand, I knew I wanted to bring the concept back to Canada.

Shortly after returning from Miami, I moved to this growing super-city – Toronto, and the pieces all came together. I saw the gap in the market in Toronto and leapt at the opportunity to fill it with something top notch the city had never seen before.

As for the meaning behind the name, Lux is a unit of measure of illumination and Lumens are a measure of total light [flux]. The name is of course simply allegorical – Lux & Lumen isn’t in the business of lighting, we do however measure and illuminate the path to the pinnacle of leisurely lifestyle and once in a lifetime experiences for our members – we proactively and reactively look after our members and help light their way.

2. What are the benefits of being a member at Lux & Lumen and what can one expect from the service?

There are limitless benefits to being a member of Lux & Lumen – a sincere goal of ours is for our members to recoup the amount of the membership fee within only a few months of joining. We can accomplish this thanks to the many benefits our service providers and partners offer us. You see, by representing a collective group of affluent professionals and entrepreneurs (in many ways a very desirable niche market), Lux & Lumen has a large footprint with service providers throughout the city giving our members unheard of discounts and perks. Our membership base and excellent business ethic have given us tremendous leverage with various luxury brands and services, including but not limited to: town car services, private drivers, ticket procurement to sold-out events, VIP access to exclusive parties, luxury travel, private jets, etc.

Honestly, a prospective member can expect to receive as much from the service as he/she desires – we cap our membership rates to ensure that nothing but the best service is offered.

3. How do you go about choosing who you partner with at Lux & Lumen?

We take our partnerships with service providers very seriously at Lux & Lumen. Since our partners are in many ways a direct extension of our brand, we only align with organizations that share our passion and outlook on hospitality and excellence. Without our great partners it would have been difficult to carry out what we have accomplished. Further, we adapt our partnership models with the requests that come in from our current members – for example, if we find a sudden influx of yacht rental requests we ensure we partner with the very best to satisfy our members needs and wants.


4. How would you describe your typical member?

Naturally, our membership roster is completely confidential – we don’t give any information on current or past members (including their demographics). It is simply the nature of operating a business that supports some of Toronto’s most wealthy and influential individuals – confidentiality is something we are proud to take very seriously.

That being said, there seems to be a common thread that is cross-cutting throughout our membership – time is their most valuable asset and they are all interested in having their already hectic life streamlined with the help of a concierge service like Lux & Lumen.


5. What are the top 3 most notable partnerships or events you offered to your members?

The most interesting aspect of my role at Lux & Lumen is bearing witness to the unique opportunities and experiences we deal with. Once again, many of these must be kept confidential, however, some of the more memorable and notable partnerships/events that I can discuss are:

a) Our connections during the Toronto International Film Festival have allowed for our members to attend private galas, after parties and even press junkets with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. We were also fortunate enough to look after several A-list celebrities during TIFF; one example being Joss Whedon (Director of the Avengers) and his cast for the launch of his modern retelling of Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing (including having his transportation arranged to attend said films premiere);

b) This past November we offered our members the unique opportunity to travel and be escorted to Moscow, Russia by private jet, to spend the weekend in the coveted Penthouse Suite of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow and then fly to the edge of space in a MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet. A truly unique experience package that is quickly becoming synonymous with the clout Lux & Lumen has internationally; and,

c) We are in the final stages of partnering with sister organizations globally (London, NYC, Miami, Vegas, just to name a few) which will give Lux & Lumen members reciprocal access to the same coveted services internationally.


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